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assisting assists assize assized assizes assizing assn assoc associate associated associates associateship associating association associational associations associative associatively associativity assonance assonant assonants assort assorted assorting assortment assortments assorts asst assuage assuaged assuages assuaging assumable assume assumed assumes assuming assumings assumption assumptions assumptive assurance assurances assure assured assuredly assureds assures assuring astatine aster asterisk asterisked asterisking asterisks astern asteroid asteroids asters asthma asthmatic asthmatically asthmatics astigmatic astigmatism astigmatisms astir astonish astonished astonishes astonishing astonishingly astonishment astound astounded astounding astoundingly astounds astraddle astrakhan astral astrally astrals astray astride astringency astringent astringently astringents astrolabe astrolabes astrologer astrologers astrological astrologically astrologist astrologists astrology astronaut astronautic astronautical astronautics astronauts astronomer astronomers astronomic astronomical astronomically astronomy astrophysical astrophysicist astrophysicists astrophysics astute astutely astuteness astuter astutest asunder asylum asylums asymmetric asymmetrical asymmetrically asymmetries asymmetry asymptomatic asymptote asymptotes asymptotic asymptotically asynchronous asynchronously atavism atavist atavistic atavists ataxia ataxic ataxics atelier ateliers ates atheism atheist atheistic atheistically atheists atherosclerosis athirst athlete athletes athletic athletically athleticism athletics athwart atilt atishoo atlantes atlas atlases atmosphere atmospheres atmospheric atmospherically atmospherics atoll atolls atom atomic atomically atomicity atomics atomistic atoms atonal atonality atonally atone atoned atonement atones atoning atop atria atrial atrium atrocious atrociously atrociousness atrocities atrocity atrophied atrophies atrophy atrophying atropine attach attachable attached attaching attachment attachments attack attacked attacker attackers attacking attacks attain attainability attainable attainder attained attaining attainment attainments attains attar attempt attempted attempting attempts attend attendance attendances attendant attendants attended attendee attendees attender attenders attending attends attention attentional attentions attentive attentively attentiveness attenuate attenuated attenuates attenuating attenuation attenuator attenuators attest attestation attestations attested attesting attests attic attics attire attired attires attiring attitude attitudes attitudinal attn attorney attorneys attract attractable attractant attractants attracted attracting attraction attractions attractive attractively attractiveness attractor attractors attracts attributable attribute attributed attributes attributing attribution attributions attributive attributively attributives attrition attune attuned attunes attuning atty atwitter atypical atypically aubergine aubergines auburn auction auctioned auctioneer auctioneers auctioning auctions audacious audaciously audaciousness audacity audibility audible audibles audibly audience audiences audio audiological audiologist audiologists audiology audiometer audiometers audiophile audiophiles audios audiotape audiotapes audiovisual audiovisuals audit audited auditing audition auditioned auditioning auditions auditive auditor auditorium auditoriums auditors auditory audits auger augers aught aughts augite augment augmentation augmentations augmentative augmented augmenter augmenters augmenting augments augur augured auguries auguring augurs augury august auguster augustest augustly augustness augusts auk auks aunt auntie aunties aunts aunty aura aural aurally auras aureole aureoled aureoles aureoling auric auricle auricles auricular aurora auroral auroras auscultate auscultated auscultates auscultating auscultation auscultations auspice auspices auspicious auspiciously auspiciousness austere austerely austerer austerest austerities austerity austral auteur authentic authentically authenticate authenticated authenticates authenticating authentication authentications authenticator authenticators authenticity author authored authoress authoresses authorial authoring authoritarian authoritarianism authoritarians authoritative authoritatively authoritativeness authorities authority authors authorship autism autistic autistics auto autobahn autobahns autobiographer autobiographers autobiographic autobiographical autobiographically autobiographies autobiography autoclave autoclaves autocracies autocracy autocrat autocratic autocratically autocrats autocross autocue autodidact autodidacts autoed autograph autographed autographing autographs autoignition autoimmune autoimmunity autoing automaker automakers automata automate automated automates automatic automatically automatics automating automation automatism automaton automatons automobile automobiled automobiles automobiling automorphism automorphisms automotive autonomic autonomics autonomous autonomously autonomy autopilot autopilots autopsied autopsies autopsy autopsying autos autosuggestion autoworker autoworkers autumn autumnal autumns auxiliaries auxiliary auxin avail availabilities availability available availed availing avails avalanche avalanches avarice avaricious avariciously avariciousness avast avasts avatar avatars avaunt avaunts avdp avenge avenged avenger avengers avenges avenging avenue avenues aver average averaged averagely averages averaging averred averring avers averse aversion aversions aversive avert averted averting averts aves avian avians aviaries aviary aviation aviator aviators aviatrices aviatrix aviatrixes avid avider avidest avidity avidly avionic avionics avitaminosis avocado avocados avocation avocational avocations avoid avoidable avoidably avoidance avoided avoiding avoids avoirdupois avouch avouched avouches avouching avow avowal avowals avowed avowedly avowing avows avuncular avuncularly await awaited awaiting awaits awake awaken awakened awakening awakenings awakens awakes awaking award awarded awarding awards aware awareness awarer awarest awash away aways awe awed aweigh awes awesome awesomely awesomeness awestruck awful awfuller awfullest awfully awfulness awhile awing awkward awkwarder awkwardest awkwardly awkwardness awl awls awn awned awning awnings awns awoke awoken awry axed axehead axeheads axeman axes axial axially axillary axing axiom axiomatic axiomatically axiomatics axioms axis axises axle axles axletree axletrees axolotl axolotls axon axons ayah ayahs ayatollah ayatollahs aye ayes azalea azaleas azimuth azimuthal azimuths azure azures baaed baaing baas babble babbled babbler babblers babbles babbling babe babel babels babes babied babier babies babiest baboon baboons babushka babushkas baby babyhood babying babyish babysat babysit babysits babysitter babysitters babysitting baccalaureate baccalaureates baccarat bacchanal bacchanalia bacchanalian bacchanalians bacchanals baccy bachelor bachelorhood bachelors bacillary bacilli bacillus back backache backaches backbench backbencher backbenchers backbenches backbit backbite backbiter backbiters backbites backbiting backbitings backbitten backboard backboards backbone backbones backbreaking backchat backcloth backcloths backcomb backcombed backcombing backcombs backdate backdated backdates backdating backdoor backdrop backdrops backed backer backers backfield backfields backfire backfired backfires backfiring backgammon background backgrounder backgrounders backgrounds backhand backhanded backhandedly backhander backhanders backhanding backhands backhoe backhoes backing backings backlash backlashes backless backlog backlogged backlogging backlogs backpack backpacked backpacker backpackers backpacking backpacks backpedal backpedals backrest backrests backroom backrooms backs backscratching backseat backseats backside backsides backslapper backslappers backslapping backslash backslashes backslid backslide backslider backsliders backslides backsliding backspace backspaced backspaces backspacing backspin backstabber backstabbers backstabbing backstage backstair backstairs backstop backstopped backstopping backstops backstreet backstreets backstretch backstretches backstroke backstroked backstrokes backstroking backtalk backtrack backtracked backtracking backtracks backup backups backward backwardly backwardness backwards backwash backwater backwaters backwoods backwoodsman backwoodsmen backyard backyards bacon bacteria bacterial bacterias bactericidal bactericide bactericides bacteriologic bacteriological bacteriologist bacteriologists bacteriology bacteriophage bacterium badder baddest baddie baddies bade badge badged badger badgered badgering badgers badges badinage badlands badly badman badmen badminton badmouth badmouthed badmouthing badmouths badness baffle baffled bafflement baffler bafflers baffles baffling bag bagatelle bagatelles bagel bagels bagful bagfuls baggage bagged baggie baggier baggies baggiest baggily bagginess bagging baggy bagpipe bagpiper bagpipers bagpipes bags baguette baguettes bahs baht bahts bail bailable bailed bailey baileys bailiff bailiffs bailing bailiwick bailiwicks bailout bailouts bails bailsman bailsmen bairn bairns bait baited baiting baits baize bake baked bakehouse baker bakeries bakers bakery bakes bakeshop bakeshops baking baklava baksheesh balaclava balaclavas balalaika balalaikas balance balanced balances balancing balboa balboas balconies balcony bald balded balder balderdash baldest baldfaced baldies balding baldly baldness baldric baldrics balds baldy bale baled baleen baleful balefuller balefullest balefully balefulness baler balers bales baling balk balked balkier balkiest balking balks balky ball ballad ballade balladeer balladeers ballades balladry ballads ballast ballasted ballasting ballasts ballcock ballcocks balled ballerina ballerinas ballet balletic ballets ballgame ballgames ballgirl ballgirls ballgown ballgowns balling ballistic ballistics balloon ballooned ballooning balloonist balloonists balloons ballot balloted balloting ballots ballpark ballparks ballplayer ballplayers ballpoint ballpoints ballroom ballrooms balls ballsed ballses ballsier ballsiest ballsing ballsy bally ballyhoo ballyhooed ballyhooing ballyhoos balm balmier balmiest balminess balms balmy baloney balsa balsam balsamed balsamic balsaming balsams balsas baluster balusters balustrade balustrades bamboo bamboos bamboozle bamboozled bamboozles bamboozling banal banaler banalest banalities banality banally banana bananas band bandage bandaged bandages bandaging bandanna bandannas bandbox bandboxes bandeau bandeaux banded bandied bandier bandies bandiest banding bandit banditry bandits bandleader bandleaders bandmaster bandmasters bandoleer bandoleers bandpass bands bandsman bandsmen bandstand bandstands bandwagon bandwagons bandwidth bandwidths bandy bandying bane baned baneful banefuller banefullest banes bang banged banger bangers banging bangle bangles bangs bani baning banish banished banishes banishing banishment banister banisters banjo banjoist banjoists banjos bank bankable bankbook bankbooks bankcard bankcards banked banker bankers banking banknote banknotes bankroll bankrolled bankrolling bankrolls bankrupt bankruptcies bankruptcy bankrupted bankrupting bankrupts banks banned banner bannered bannering banners banning bannister bannock bannocks banns banquet banqueted banqueter banqueters banqueting banquets banquette banquettes bans banshee banshees bantam bantams bantamweight bantamweights banter bantered bantering banteringly banters banyan banyans banzai banzais baobab baobabs bap baps baptism baptismal baptisms baptist baptisteries baptistery baptistry baptists bar barb barbarian barbarianism barbarianisms barbarians barbaric barbarically barbarism barbarisms barbarities barbarity barbarous barbarously barbecue barbecued barbecues barbecuing barbed barbel barbell barbells barbels barbeque barber barbered barbering barberries barberry barbers barbershop barbershops barbie barbies barbing barbiturate barbiturates barbs barbwire barcarole barcaroles bard bardic bards bare bareback barebacked bared barefaced barefacedly barefoot barefooted barehanded bareheaded barelegged barely bareness barer bares barest barf barfed barfing barflies barfly barfs bargain bargained bargainer bargainers bargaining bargains barge barged bargeman bargemen bargepole barges barging barhop barhopped barhopping barhops baring baritone baritones barium bark barked barkeep barkeeper barkeepers barkeeps barker barkers barking barks barley barleycorn barleycorns barmaid barmaids barman barmen barmier barmiest barmy barn barnacle barnacled barnacles barney barneys barns barnstorm barnstormed barnstormer barnstormers barnstorming barnstorms barnyard barnyards barometer barometers barometric barometrically baron baronage baronages baroness baronesses baronet baronetcies baronetcy baronets baronial baronies barons barony baroque barque barrack barracked barracking barracks barracuda barracudas barrage barraged barrages barraging barre barred barrel barrels barren barrener barrenest barrenness barrens barres barrette barrettes barricade barricaded barricades barricading barrier barriers barring barrings barrio barrios barrister barristers barroom barrooms barrow barrows bars bartender bartenders barter bartered barterer barterers bartering barters barycentre barycentric baryon baryons basal basally basalt basaltic basalts base baseball baseballs baseboard baseboards based baseless baseline baselines basely baseman basemen basement basements baseness baser bases basest bash bashed bashes bashful bashfully bashfulness bashing basic basically basics basil basilica basilicas basilisk basilisks basin basinful basinfuls basing basins basis bask basked basket basketball basketballs basketful basketry baskets basketwork basking basks basque basques bass basses basset bassets bassinet bassinets bassist bassists basso bassoon bassoonist bassoonists bassoons bassos basswood basswoods bast bastard bastards bastardy baste basted baster basters bastes basting bastion bastions basts bat batch batched batches batching bate bated bates bath bathe bathed bather bathers bathes bathetic bathhouse bathhouses bathing bathmat bathmats bathos bathrobe bathrobes bathroom bathrooms baths bathtub bathtubs bathwater bathyscaphe bathysphere bathyspheres batik batiks bating batiste batman batmen baton batons bats batsman batsmen battalion battalions batted batten battened battening battens batter battered batterer batterers batteries battering batterings batters battery battier battiest batting battle battled battledore battledores battledress battlefield battlefields battlefront battlefronts battleground battlegrounds battlement battlements battler battlers battles battleship battleships battling batty bauble baubles baud bauds baulk baulked baulking baulks bauxite bawd bawdier bawdiest bawdily bawdiness bawds bawdy bawl bawled bawling bawls bay bayberries bayberry bayed baying bayonet bayoneted bayoneting bayonets bayou bayous bays bazaar bazaars bazillion bazillions bazooka bazookas bdrm beach beachcomber beachcombers beached beaches beachfront beachhead beachheads beaching beachwear beacon beacons bead beaded beadier beadiest beading beadle beadles beads beady beagle beagled beagles beagling beak beaked beaker beakers beaks beam beamed beaming beams bean beanbag beanbags beaned beanfeast beanfeasts beanie beanies beaning beanpole beanpoles beans beansprout beansprouts beanstalk beanstalks bear bearable bearably beard bearded bearding beardless beards bearer bearers bearing bearings bearish bearishly bearishness bearlike bears bearskin bearskins beast beastlier beastliest beastliness beastly beasts beat beatable beaten beater beaters beatific beatifically beatification beatifications beatified beatifies beatify beatifying beating beatings beatitude beatitudes beatnik beatniks beats beau beaus beaut beauteous beauteously beautician beauticians beauties beautification beautified beautifier beautifiers beautifies beautiful beautifuler beautifulest beautifully beautify beautifying beauts beauty beaux beaver beavered beavering beavers bebop bebops becalm becalmed becalming becalms became because beck beckon beckoned beckoning beckons becks becloud beclouded beclouding beclouds become becomes becoming becomingly becomings becquerel becquerels bed bedaub bedaubed bedaubing bedaubs bedazzle bedazzled bedazzlement bedazzles bedazzling bedbug bedbugs bedchamber bedchambers bedclothes bedded bedder bedding bedeck bedecked bedecking bedecks bedevil bedevilment bedevils bedfellow bedfellows bedhead bedheads bedim bedimmed bedimming bedims bedizen bedizened bedizening bedizens bedlam bedlams bedlinen bedmaker bedmakers bedpan bedpans bedpost bedposts bedraggle bedraggled bedraggles bedraggling bedridden bedrock bedrocks bedroll bedrolls bedroom bedrooms beds bedsheets bedside bedsides bedsit bedsits bedsitter bedsitters bedsore bedsores bedspread bedspreads bedstead bedsteads bedtime bedtimes bee beebread beech beeches beechnut beechnuts beechwood beef beefburger beefburgers beefcake beefcakes beefeater beefed beefier beefiest beefiness beefing beefs beefsteak beefsteaks beefy beehive beehives beekeeper beekeepers beekeeping beeline beelined beelines beelining been beep beeped beeper beepers beeping beeps beer beerier beeriest beermat beermats beers beery bees beeswax beet beetle beetled beetles beetling beetroot beetroots beets beeves befall befallen befalling befalls befell befit befits befitted befitting befittingly befog befogged befogging befogs before beforehand befoul befouled befouling befouls befriend befriended befriending befriends befuddle befuddled befuddlement befuddles befuddling began beget begets begetter begetters begetting beggar beggared beggaring beggarly beggars beggary begged begging begin beginner beginners beginning beginnings begins begone begonia begonias begot begotten begrime begrimed begrimes begriming begrudge begrudged begrudges begrudging begrudgingly begs beguile beguiled beguilement beguiler beguilers beguiles beguiling beguilingly beguine beguines begum begums begun behalf behalves behave behaved behaves behaving behaviorist behead beheaded beheading beheads beheld behemoth behemoths behest behests behind behindhand behinds behold beholden beholder beholders beholding beholds beige being beings bejewel bejewels belated belatedly belatedness belay belayed belaying belays belch belched belches belching beleaguer beleaguered beleaguering beleaguers belfries belfry belie belied belief beliefs belies believability believable believably believe believed believer believers believes believing belittle belittled belittlement belittles belittling bell belladonna bellboy bellboys belle belled belles belletrist belletristic belletrists bellhop bellhops bellicose bellicosity bellied bellies belligerence belligerency belligerent belligerently belligerents belling bellman bellmen bellow bellowed bellowing bellows bells bellwether bellwethers belly bellyache bellyached bellyaches bellyaching bellybutton bellybuttons bellyful bellyfuls bellying belong belonged belonging belongings belongs beloved beloveds below belows belt belted belting belts beltway beltways beluga belugas belying bemire bemired bemires bemiring bemoan bemoaned bemoaning bemoans bemuse bemused bemusedly bemusement bemuses bemusing bench benched benches benching benchmark benchmarking benchmarks bend bendable bended bender benders bendier bendiest bending bends bendy beneath benedictine benediction benedictions benedictory benefaction benefactions benefactor benefactors benefactress benefactresses benefice beneficence beneficent beneficently benefices beneficial beneficially beneficiaries beneficiary benefit benefited benefiting benefits benevolence benevolences benevolent benevolently benighted benightedly benign benignant benignity benignly bent bents bentwood benumb benumbed benumbing benumbs benzene benzine bequeath bequeathed bequeathing bequeaths bequest bequests berate berated berates berating bereave bereaved bereavement bereavements bereaves bereaving bereft beret berets berg bergs beriberi berk berkelium berks berm berms berried berries berry berrying berrylike berserk berth berthed berthing berths beryl beryllium beryls beseech beseecher beseechers beseeches beseeching beseechingly beseechings beseem beseemed beseeming beseems beset besets besetting beside besides besiege besieged besieger besiegers besieges besieging besmear besmeared besmearing besmears besmirch besmirched besmirches besmirching besom besomed besoming besoms besot besots besotted besotting besought bespangle bespangled bespangles bespangling bespatter bespattered bespattering bespatters bespeak bespeaking bespeaks bespectacled bespoke bespoken best bested bestial bestiality bestially bestiaries bestiary besting bestir bestirred bestirring bestirs bestow bestowal bestowals bestowed bestowing bestows bestrew bestrewed bestrewing bestrewn bestrews bestridden bestride bestrides bestriding bestrode bests bestseller bestsellers bestselling bet beta betake betaken betakes betaking betas betcha betel bethink bethinking bethinks bethought betide betided betides betiding betimes betoken betokened betokening betokens betook betray betrayal betrayals betrayed betrayer betrayers betraying betrays betroth betrothal betrothals betrothed betrothing betroths bets better bettered bettering betterment betters betting bettor bettors between betwixt bevel bevels beverage beverages bevies bevvies bevvy bevy bewail bewailed bewailing bewails beware bewared bewares bewaring bewhiskered bewigged bewilder bewildered bewildering bewilderingly bewilderment bewilders bewitch bewitched bewitches bewitching bewitchingly bewitchment bey beyond beyonds beys bezel bezels bhaji bi biannual biannually bias biased biases biasing biathlon biathlons bib bible bibles biblical biblicists bibliographer bibliographers bibliographic bibliographical bibliographically bibliographies bibliography bibliophile bibliophiles bibs bibulous bicameral bicameralism bicarb bicarbonate bicarbonates bicarbs bicentenaries bicentenary bicentennial bicentennials bicep biceps bicker bickered bickerer bickerers bickering bickers biconcave biconvex bicuspid bicuspids bicycle bicycled bicycler bicyclers bicycles bicycling bicyclist bicyclists biddable bidden bidder bidders biddies bidding biddy bide bides bidet bidets biding bidirectional bidirectionally bids biennial biennially biennials biennium bienniums bier biers biff biffed biffing biffs bifocal bifocals bifurcate bifurcated bifurcates bifurcating bifurcation bifurcations bigamist bigamists bigamous bigamy bigger biggest biggie biggies biggish bighead bigheads bighearted bigheartedness bighorn bighorns bight bights bigmouth bigmouths bigness bigot bigoted bigotries bigotry bigots bigwig bigwigs bijou bijoux bike biked biker bikers bikes biking bikini bikinis bilabial bilabials bilateral bilaterally bilberries bilberry bile bilge bilges bilharzia biliary bilingual bilingualism bilingually bilinguals bilious biliousness bilk bilked bilker bilkers bilking bilks bill billable billboard billboards billed billet billeted billeting billets billfold billfolds billhook billhooks billiard billiards billies billing billings billingsgate billion billionaire billionaires billions billionth billionths billow billowed billowier billowiest billowing billows billowy billposters bills billy billycan billycans bimbo bimbos bimetallic bimetallics bimetallism bimodal bimonthlies bimonthly bin binaries binary bind binder binderies binders bindery binding bindings binds bindweed binge binged binges binging bingo binman binmen binnacle binnacles binned binning binocular binoculars binodal binomial binomials bins biochemical biochemically biochemicals biochemist biochemistry biochemists biodegradability biodegradable biodegrade biodegraded biodegrades biodegrading biodiversity bioengineering bioethics biofeedback biog biographer biographers biographic biographical biographically biographies biography biogs biol biologic biological biologically biologist biologists biology biomass biomedical biometric biometrics biometry biomorph bionic bionically bionics biophysical biophysicist biophysicists biophysics biopic biopics biopsied biopsies biopsy biopsying biorhythm biorhythms bios biosphere biospheres biota biotechnological biotechnologist biotechnology biotic biotin bipartisan bipartisanship bipartite biped bipedal bipedalism bipeds biplane biplanes bipolar bipolarity biracial birch birched birches birching bird birdbath birdbaths birdbrain birdbrained birdbrains birdcage birdcages birded birder birders birdhouse birdhouses birdie birdied birdieing birdies birding birdlike birdlime birds birdseed birdsong birdtables birdwatcher birdwatchers birdwatching birdying birefringence birefringent biretta birettas birth birthday birthdays birthed birthing birthmark birthmarks birthplace birthplaces birthrate birthrates birthright birthrights births birthstone birthstones biscuit biscuits bisect bisected bisecting bisection bisections bisector bisectors bisects bisexual bisexuality bisexually bisexuals bishop bishopric bishoprics bishops bismuth bison bisque bistable bistro bistros bit bitch bitched bitches bitchier bitchiest bitchily bitchiness bitching bitchy bite biter biters bites biting bitingly bitings bitmap bitmaps bits bitten bitter bitterer bitterest bitterly bittern bitterness bitterns bitters bittersweet bittersweets bittier bittiest bittiness bitty bitumen bituminous bivalent bivalve bivalves bivouac bivouacked bivouacking bivouacs biweeklies biweekly biyearly biz bizarre bizarrely bizarreness bizarres blab blabbed blabber blabbered blabbering blabbermouth blabbermouths blabbers blabbing blabs black blackamoor blackamoors blackball blackballed blackballing blackballs blackberries blackberry blackberrying blackbird blackbirds blackboard blackboards blackcurrant blackcurrants blacked blacken blackened blackening blackens blacker blackest blackguard blackguards blackhead blackheads blacking blackish blackjack blackjacked blackjacking blackjacks blackleg blacklegs blacklist blacklisted blacklisting blacklists blackly blackmail blackmailed blackmailer blackmailers blackmailing blackmails blackness blackout blackouts blacks blackshirts blacksmith blacksmiths blacksnake blacksnakes blackthorn blackthorns blacktop blacktopped blacktopping blacktops bladder bladders blade bladed blades blading blag blagged blagging blags blah blahed blahing blahs blamable blame blamed blameless blamelessly blamelessness blamer blames blameworthiness blameworthy blaming blammo blammoed blammoing blammos blanch blanched blanches blanching blancmange blancmanges bland blander blandest blandish blandished blandishes blandishing blandishment blandishments blandly blandness blank blanked blanker blankest blanket blanketed blanketing blankets blanking blankly blankness blanks blare blared blares blaring blarney blarneyed blarneying blarneys blaspheme blasphemed blasphemer blasphemers blasphemes blasphemies blaspheming blasphemous blasphemously blasphemy blast blasted blaster blasters blasting blastoff blastoffs blasts blat blatancies blatancy blatant blatantly blather blathered blathering blathers blats blaze blazed blazer blazers blazes blazing blazon blazoned blazoning blazons bldg bleach bleached bleacher bleachers bleaches bleaching bleak bleaker bleakest bleakly bleakness blear blearier bleariest blearily bleariness bleary bleat bleated bleating bleats bled bleed bleeder bleeders bleeding bleeds bleep bleeped bleeper bleepers bleeping bleeps blemish blemished blemishes blemishing blench blenched blenches blenching blend blended blender blenders blending blends bless blessed blesseder blessedest blessedly blessedness blesses blessing blessings bletch blether blethered blethering blethers blew blight blighted blighter blighters blighting blights blimey blimeys blimp blimpish blimps blind blinded blinder blinders blindest blindfold blindfolded blindfolding blindfolds blinding blindingly blindly blindness blinds blindside blindsided blindsides blindsiding blini blinis blink blinked blinker blinkered blinkering blinkers blinking blinks blintz blintze blintzes blip blips bliss blissed blisses blissful blissfully blissfulness blissing blister blistered blistering blisteringly blisters blistery blithe blithely blitheness blither blithering blithesome blithest blitz blitzed blitzes blitzing blitzkrieg blitzkriegs blivet blivets blizzard blizzards bloat bloated bloater bloaters bloating bloats bloatware bloatwares blob blobbed blobbing blobs bloc block blockade blockaded blockader blockaders blockades blockading blockage blockages blockbuster blockbusters blockbusting blocked blocker blockers blockhead blockheads blockhouse blockhouses blocking blocks blocs bloke blokes blokish blond blonde blonder blondest blondish blondness blonds blood bloodbath bloodbaths bloodcurdling blooded bloodhound bloodhounds bloodied bloodier bloodies bloodiest bloodily bloodiness blooding bloodless bloodlessly bloodlessness bloodletting bloodline bloodlines bloodmobile bloodmobiles bloods bloodshed bloodshot bloodsport bloodsports bloodstain bloodstained bloodstains bloodstock bloodstone bloodstream bloodstreams bloodsucker bloodsuckers bloodsucking bloodsuckings bloodthirstier bloodthirstiest bloodthirstily bloodthirstiness bloodthirsty bloodworm bloody bloodying bloodymindedness bloom bloomed bloomer bloomers blooming blooms bloop blooped blooper bloopers blooping bloops blossom blossomed blossoming blossoms blossomy blot blotch blotched blotches blotchier blotchiest blotching blotchy blots blotted blotter blotters blotting blotto blouse bloused blouses blousing blow blower blowers blowflies blowfly blowgun blowguns blowhard blowhards blowhole blowholes blowier blowies blowiest blowing blowlamp blowlamps blown blowout blowouts blowpipe blowpipes blows blowtorch blowtorches blowup blowups blowy blowzier blowziest blowzy blubber blubbered blubbering blubbers blubbery bludgeon bludgeoned bludgeoning bludgeons blue bluebell bluebells blueberries blueberry bluebird bluebirds bluebonnet bluebonnets bluebottle bluebottles blued bluefish bluefishes bluegill bluegills bluegrass blueing blueish bluejacket bluejackets bluejeans blueness bluenose bluenoses bluepoint bluepoints blueprint blueprinted blueprinting blueprints bluer blues bluesier bluesiest bluest bluestocking bluestockings bluesy bluet bluets bluff bluffed bluffer bluffers bluffest bluffing bluffly bluffness bluffs bluing bluish blunder blunderbuss blunderbusses blundered blunderer blunderers blundering blunderings 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bolstering bolsters bolt bolted bolthole boltholes bolting bolts bolus boluses bomb bombard bombarded bombardier bombardiers bombarding bombardment bombardments bombards


My cousin Amy Caulkins and me, photo credit Guy ShumanPenny Blubaugh is a Young Adult Librarian in a suburban public library outside of Chicago.

She has studied poetry with Debra Bruce, Mark Perlberg, and Ron Koertge and holds an MFA in Writing for Children from Vermont College.

Some of Penny Blubaugh's current poet favorites include David Budbill, Naomi Shihab Nye, Ron Koertge, David Kirby and Denise Duhamel, and she’s quite taken with the poem One Art by Elizabeth Bishop.

She lives in Chicago where she bikes, skates, reads, and does yoga on
the kitchen floor.


How to View the World – Instructions

Straddle the moon as you would a horse,
your right leg over, your left leg straight,
and vertebrae by vertebrae
curl your back into the crescent.
Watch for sharp edges.

You may wish to unroll the blanket you’ve strapped to
your ladder. Remember, you’re traveling in space
It may be chilly.

Watch everything and write it down
in the Moleskine notebook you’ve brought.
Write legibly.

When sunrise begins to eat the India
ink of night, repeat the steps
in reverse. You may find you need to dangle
from the ladder’s second to the last rung.
To ensure landing safety, hold on until
your feet brush the tips of the grass.

For full moons, see Instruction Sheet Two.

Poetry Hotline

She bangs through the door
followed by the rustle of

her ankle-length cape,
purple, bullet-stopping, “P”

embossed in yellow.
The fast, flash embodiment

of PoetryMan,
superhero of the world

of words. Call one-eight-
hundred POET-HELP! when you’re

desperate for a phrase,
longing for inspiration,

want love, drama, or
a cool, pure metaphor to

beautify a square
day suffering from edges

of soul-deep darkness.
Instantaneous, smooth fix.

Better than pot, sex,
pint mugs of beer, chocolate.

Go ahead. Admit
it. You need help. She’s right here.

That’s PoetryMan,
my man.

Poetry Chat

This conversation between myself (PB) and Ron Koertge (RK) took place in a series of e-mails during June 2006. Koertge is the author of Making Love to Roget's Wife and Geography of the Forehead, both books of poetry, as well as young adult novels including The Arizona Kid, The Brimstone Journals and Shakespeare Bats Cleanup (both in verse), Stoner and Spaz, Margaux with an X, and Boy, Girl, Boy.

PB: One of the things that I really love about poetry is the way it tells tiny stories that could have started somewhere else, and may finish there, too. Little slices of just about anything.

What is it about poetry that makes it attractive to some and abhorrent to others?

RK: It's a bit of a commonplace to say that as far as liking poetry lots of people have been burned early on, but I think it's true. Billy Collins says that high school is where poetry goes to die. People don't forget trying to ferret out meanings in poetry; unlike elephants the disillusioned don't turn on their masters. They just give up on poetry.

Another question about attractive/abhorrence is the writer part, e. g., why do some writers hate poetry and why are others drawn to it? I had a prose writer tell me that poetry never gets anything done compared to prose. An answer to that is the well-known one: "Well, yeah, poetry is merely beautiful."

One of the problems with talking about poetry is that there are so many kinds. No one just talks about food; it's soul food or gourmet food or fast food or whatever. So there's soul poetry and gourmet poetry and fast poetry, etc. More people would like poetry if they could just see how many kinds of it exists. Who doesn't like Ed Field, or Denise Duhamel, or Tony Hoagland?

PB: High school burn – how true. I think it happens with a lot of literature, but more people turn against poetry than turn against reading, even if they only stick with the N Y Times bestsellers. But poetry – aarugh!

Working in the library, it's always sort of sad in April when every teacher decides that their classes have to "do" poetry. Kids have no idea what they want – they just want to do the damn assignment and get it over with. So they grab any book, and when they get to school they start the dissection. Pow. Certain death.

Or, they only get introduced to romantic poets, or Shakespeare and they aren't ready to read them. They can't get past the language to find the relevance.

Still, somebody must be getting it. Ted Kooser and Billy Collins drew huge crowds when I saw them. So, is there some kind of a resurgence going on?

RK: I tend to think there is a kind of ground swell that's specifically due to Billy and Ted. They're both so accessible and charming. Accessible in the same way but charming in different ways. Billy is urban, Ted not so much. Kooser says that his habit was to take his poems into the office (I think he sold insurance) and show them to the secretaries. If they didn't get it, he'd re-write. (By the way, everything Garrison Kellior reads on his show is gettable at once.)

Maybe people are just relieved at hearing poetry they understand. I was in Utah working with some people in a swanky retirement community. I read a few poems by different people (Fairchild, Kowit, Olds) and then had them do some exercises. At the end of the seminar two of the women said how happy they were that 1.) they didn't have to figure out the meaning, and 2.) the poem simply meant what it said.

PB: I had a very similar experience here. We had someone from the Poetry Center of Chicago come to the library's monthly writers' group and work with the mostly senior citizen members. She gave them the poem she was going to work with in advance and it was different, and strange. They said it was weird. I said no, it was cool. They said they'd try to work with it.

So, what she did was to read them the poem, have them read the poem, talk about some of the lines and then she gave them a worksheet where she used lines from the poem and left blanks for them to fill in. They said it was too hard and they couldn't do it: write poetry – oh, no! She said sure you can.

By the end of the evening they all had a poem and they read them out loud. Pretty neat. And I saw her pull the same trick with high school students using Journey by Mark Strand.

But both of these, even the strange poem whose author I can't remember right now, were accessible. What about poems that are just hard?

RK: "Hard" is a little like "poetry" and "food" in that here are different kinds/degrees. The so-called language poets, for instance, just leave me cold. I rarely "get" the poem and if what they're doing is what I've read they're doing (language has been co-opted and ruined by ads and politicians so poets need to use language in another way) then I'm not the person who should be reading these poems. That should be someone more gullible than I.

Then there's somebody like John Ashberry whom I never understand and almost always like. With some difficult poets (especially in magazines) I get the sense they're being hard on purpose, that their goal in writing is to be enigmatic. With other recalcitrant poems I don't feel like that, and it's fun to puzzle over them.

PB: I know what you mean. There are certain things I start and don't even finish because I'm completely lost. And when someone reads one of those stream-or-consciousness poems out loud – well, I just drift. But there are other things that just sound good, even if I'm not sure what's going on.

RK: Trying to convince a casual reader that he or she should mouse around in a poem for fun probably won't work. They'll fall back to high school and Mrs. Byzantine's English class and they'll look for meaning. I'm waiting for a sense of harmony to emerge and willing to give the poem ten readings. Sometimes.

PB: Or just read it, like something about it, and let that be enough.

Books I Like

Poetry Books I Like

Illustrated Poetry

The Lady of Shallot
Alfred, Lord Tennyson, illustrated by Genevieve Cote
The Highwayman
Alfred Noyes, illustrated by Murray Kimber
The Jabberwocky
Lewis Carroll, illustrated by Stephane Jorisch
A Poke in the I: A Collection of Concrete Poems
collected by Paul Janeczko, illustrated by Chris Raschka
A Kick in the Head: An Everyday Guide to Poetic Forms
Paul Janeczko, illustrated by Chris Raschka


Poetry Home Repair Manual: Practical Advice for Beginning Poets
Ted Kooser
How To Read a Poem and Start a Poetry Circle
Molly Peacock
The Making of a Poem (how and why of forms)
Mark Strand and Evan Boland
In the Palm of Your Hand: the Poet’s Portable Workshop
Steve Kowit
Rules of the Dance (even more forms)
Mary Oliver
How to Read a Poem: and Fall in Love with Poetry
Edward Hirsch


Edgar Allan Poe and the Juke-Box: Uncollected Poems, Drafts and
Elizabeth Bishop
Early Mornings: Remembering My Father, William Stafford
Kim Stafford
The Treehouse: Eccentric Wisdom from my Father On How to Live, Love,
and See
Naomi Wolf


Poetry 180: a Turning Back to Poetry
Billy Collins
Word of Mouth: Poems Featured on NPR’s All Things Considered
Catherine Bowman
First Loves: Poets Introduce the Poems that Captivate and Inspire Them
Carmela Ciruaru
Staying Alive: Real Poems for Unreal Times
edited by Neil Astley
This Art: Poems About Poetry
edited by Michael Wiegers


Making Love to Roget’s Wife
Ron Koertge
Two and Two
Denise Duhamel
19 Varieties of Gazelle: Poems of the Middle East
Naomi Shihab Nye
Moment to Moment: Poems of a Mountain Recluse
David Budbill
Big Leg Music
David Kirby
Sparks from a Nine-Pound Hammer
Steve Scafidi

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