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Posted by : cj on Friday, July 22, 2005 - 01:18 PM
Chicago Poetry Archives: Click Headlines .

ARCHIVE: REMEMBERING THE 2005 CHICAGO POETRY FEST. The Chicago Poetry Fest will feature over 60 talented poets on the last weekend of August. This year we will be holding two outdoor events, an all ages show in Lincoln Square, and an anything goes block party crammed between Western and Artesian on Bloomingdale, just west of Bucktown (right in front of Woman Made Gallery). Everyone is invited to attend and both events are absolutely free to the public.

The following is the line-up of poetry readings for the 2005 Chicago Poetry Fest, sponsored by, Blue Line Studios, The Lincoln Square Chamber of Commerce and Alderman Manny Flores. Both days will be hosted by "Mr. Chicago Poetry" C. J. Laity.

SATURDAY, August 27, 3 - 8 PM
Outside at Giddings Plaza, 4700 block of N. Lincoln Ave.

Bob Rashkow3:00 Bob Rashkow

[sample poem]

Bob Rashkow is a regular at The Cafe Tuesday night open mic. in Lincoln Square.

He has performed in many events, including The Poetry Cram.

Somara Zwick3:10 Somara Zwick

[sample poem]

Somara Zwick was a finalist in the 2004 Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic. Awards.

Shermin Izadpanah3:20 Shermin Izadpanah

[sample poem]

Shermin Izadpanah is a young poet, woman, writer, immigrant, who often muses on the fascinating queries of life's vague realities.

Pam Osbey3:30 Pam Osbey

[sample poem]

Pam Osbey is a spoken word artist and she regularly performs at various Chicago poetry venues. She received her B.A. from Grambling State University in Louisiana and she is the author of "Rivers of My Life."

Osbey is known as Mocha Sistah when she runs a poetry radio show. She is the recipient of the 2004 Hands on Stanzas Gwendolyn Brooks Award from the Poetry Center of Chicago.

Ned Haggard3:40 Ned Haggard

[sample poem]

Ned Haggard's work has appeared in numerous literary journals, publications, and the anthology, Off The Cuffs! (Soft Skull Press: New York City, 2003).

His first collection of poems, The Weave of the Sea is forthcoming from Ebony Energy Publishing, Inc. (NFP) in October, 2005.

Dan Stafford3:50 Dan Stafford

[sample poem]

Dan Stafford is a poet originally from South Central Wisconsin and currently of Plainfield, IL. Dan has read in past Chicago Poetry Fests and has published extensively on the internet.

Dan has hosted poetry readings in Plainfield and has chapbooks available at

Lorraine Harrell4:00 Lorraine Harrell

[sample poem]

Lorraine Harrell is a poet, playwright & educator. She is the recipient of a 2005 Illinois Arts Council poetry fellowship.

She received her MFA in playwriting and anthropology from USC. She recently completed her first poetry manuscript Crown Her with Sky.

Lance Adams4:10 Lance Eliot Adams

[sample poem]

Lance E. Adams has been an on again off again part of the Chicago poetry scene since 1993 when he used to read at the No Exit Cafe.

Currently he's producing four plays as part of Hunger and Dread at Midnight.

He has appeared in several events, including past Chicago Poetry Fests.

Vito Carli4:20 Vito Carli

[sample poem]

Vito Carli is the host of Kristopher's open mic. in Pilsen. He is an educator and a journalist.

Carli has appeared for many events, including previous Chicago Poetry Fest events.

4:30 Malaya Macdonald

[sample poem]

Malaya Macdonald is a Chicago native. She has a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

Pete Dederick4:40 Pete Dederick

[sample poem]

Pete Dederick is often seen reading at John Starrs' Coffee Chicago Open Mic.

He has appeared for many events, including Chicago Poetry Uncensored at the Guild Complex at Chopin Theater.

Carol Anderson4:50 Carol Anderson

[sample poem]

Carol Anderson was born and raised in Woodlawn on the south side of Chicago.

She has been published in numerous literary magazines such as Grit and Guideposts.

Her first book of poetry, Ordinary (Puddin'head Press) was published July 2005. Currently she is working on poetry and a novel for young adults."

Jose Bono5:00 Jose Bono

[sample poem]

Jose Bono is currently a 5th grade Spanish Bilingual / Dual Language Elementary School Teacher.

Bono completed his Ms. Science in Education in May 2005 from Northern Illinois University.

He is the author of the book of poetry, Very Chicago.

5:10 Gene' Stephens

[sample poem]

Gene' Stephens received a J.D. from DePaul University College of Law and B.A. from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Gene' is currently working on her second book, "Poems in the Key of Life."

5:20 Jerome Davis

[sample poem]

Jerome Davis is the author of a book called Waiting To Expire: The Incoherent Ramblings of an Inebriated Soul.

Jacqui Wolk5:30 Jacqui Wolk

[sample poem]

Jacqui Wolk was a finalist in the 2005 Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic. Awards sponsored by the Guild Complex. She used to run a poetry venue in Wicker Park called "Kill the Poets."

She has appeared for many events, including Chicago Poetry Uncensored.

Wayne Allen Jones5:40 Wayne Allen Jones

[sample poem]

Wayne Allen Jones is the author of three books of poetry. He is also the publisher of Fractal Edge Press,

Jones is finishing his studies in clinical psychology at Roosevelt University.

Maureen Tolman Flannery5:50 Maureen Tolman Flannery

[sample poem]

Maureen Tolman Flannery is a Wyoming transplant to Chicago where she invites squirrels and stangers inside, delights in the lives of her children and grandchild, and writes poems about every quirky blessing the windy city blows her way. Her poetry appears in 150 journals, reviews and anthologies and she is the author of a book of poetry called Ancestors in the Landscape.

C. J. Laity6:00 C. J. Laity

C. J. Laity is the Publisher of

He is the author of the chapbook License to Quill.

He recently hosted poetry events that headlined both the Chicago Blues Festival and the Printers Row Book Fair.

Dave Gecic6:10 Dave Gecic

[sample poem]

Dave Gecic is the publisher of Puddin'head Press. Puddin'head Press will be running a book sales table during the Chicago Poetry Fest. Gecic also runs a poetry open mic. for teens in Oak Park.

For more information about Dave Gecic's publishing company, go to

6:20 Aricka Epiphany Foreman

[sample poem]

Aricka "Epiphany" Foreman is a the editor for, and a freelance writer for various alternative music magazines. She is a 2005 slam finalist, singer, activist, and literary poet.

6:30 LaShaun phoenix Moore

[sample poem]

La Shaun phoenix Moore is a contributing writer for and a local hip-hop poet and activist.

Kathy Kubik6:40 Kathy Kubik

[sample poem]

Kathy Kubik is the author of two chapbooks, Chrysalis and Songs in Red. Her work was recently selected for the Her Mark Calendar through Woman Made Gallery.

Kubik was recently awarded first place in the 2005 Frieda Stein Fenster Memorial Award for Poetry.

Steven Schroeder6:50 Steven Schroeder

[sample poem]

Steven Schroeder teaches and writes in Chicago and Shenzhen, China. He is cofounder of the Virtual Artists Collective.

He recently was interviewed for an article in Third Coast Press.

Stephany Rose7:00 Stephany Rose

[sample poem]

Stephany Rose recently appeared for the Chicago Poetry Explosion at Beat Kitchen.

Stephany Rose is the author of the poetry collection, Stilettoed Roses Bleed, and CEO/President of Interstices, Inc

Joel Brussel7:10 Joel Brussel

[sample poem]

Joel Brussel has appeared for many events, including Chicago Poetry Uncensored.

He is known for his mixture of poetry and outrageous performance art.

7:20 Diane Williams

[sample poem]

Diane "Diva Di" Williams has appeared for the Printers Row Book Fair as part of the Tallgrass Writers Guild Performance Ensemble.

Frank Matagrano7:30 Frank Matagrano

[sample poem]

Frank Matagrano has appeared or is forthcoming in Cimarron Review, Crab Orchard Review, Roanoke Review, Rhino Magazine and Spoon River Poetry Review, among others. He was one of the winners in the 2005 Frieda Stein Fenster Awards for Poetry.

Matagrano's most recent book is called I Can Only Go As Fast As The Guy In Front Of Me (Black Lawrence Press).

Kristy Bowen7:40 Kristy Bowen

[sample poem]

Kristy Bowen lives in Chicago where she edits the online poetry zine Wicked Alice.

She also runs dancing girl press, devoted to publishing chapbooks by women poets. Her most recent chapbook is titled belladonna.

Charlie Newman7:50 Charlie Newman

[sample poem]

Charlie Newman is the host of The Cafe, Lincoln Square's Tuesday night open mic. at 5115 N. Lincoln Ave.

He also hosts a poetry event on the first Friday of every month at DvA Gallery.

His new book of poetry is DeadMachineCity (Fractal Edge Press).

Dan Cleary8:00 Dan Cleary

[sample poem]

Dan Cleary is the author of the book The Green Ribbon. He has appeared in many events, including the recent Chicago Poetry Cram #5.

Cleary's most recent title is Elegy for James Gerard and Other Poems for the Larger Voice (Fractal Edge Press).

SUNDAY, August 28, 2 - 7:30 PM
Outside, on Bloomingdale from Western to Artesian,
in front of the Woman Made Gallery

Dan Scurek2:00 Daniel A. Scurek

[sample poem]

Involved in many areas of the arts, Dan holds a BA in theatre from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. He most recently portrayed Rick Blaine in Elk Grove Center for the Performing Arts’ stage version of Casablanca. As a playwright, his play, Alcohol May Intensify This Effect was selected for the 1994 New Voices Festival at Chicago Dramatists Workshop and his work was also selected as a finalist for the Love Creek Playwrighting Festival. As a poet, his work has been published in literary magazines in the United States and England.

Ann Wienen Edmonds2:10 Ann Wienen Edmonds

[sample poem]

Ann Wienen Edmond is proud to call Illinois her home state.

Her poetry is influenced by her experience as a teacher and counselor.

Janet Kuypers2:20 Janet Kuypers

[sample poem]

Janet Kuypers is the author of 12 books, 8 music CDs and 15 performance art (spoken word) CDs. She is a writer, photographer and singer.

Janet Kuypers ( edits a literary magazine through Scars Publications (

Anna Husain2:30 Anna Husain

[sample poem]

Anna Husain is an award-winning, published poet, reads her poems in and around Chicago, and is a member of several poetry organizations.

She is Managing Editor of Whetstone Journal, and works at the Barrington Area Arts Council.

Joe Eldridge2:40 Joe Eldridge

[sample poem]

Joe Eldridge is a poet and a martial artist furiously writing and actively training in Seido Karate on the north side of Chicago. He has been published in "The Apocalypse" and "Windy City Times."

Edward Waszak2:50: Edward Waszak

[sample poem]

Edward Waszak has poetry published at

He was a finalist in the 2005 Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic. Awards. Waszak has appeared for many events, including the poetry cram.

Lonna Kingsbury3:00 Lonna Kingsbury

[sample poem]

Lonna Kingsbury is the founder of Cincinnati's Poets Anonymous and the Countering the Silence television series, which is currently in its fifth year. Her works appear in Cincinnatlas, Clifton Magazine (University of Cincinnati), Collage (Northern Kentucky University), ICRC, Scrawl, Poetry Repair Shop, Red Crow, River Valley Journal, the Appalachian Connection among many, many others. She is honored to have served as both poetry judge and columnist (Penned Inklings) for the International Fiction and Poetry Society, where she was granted the distinction of Fellow. Lonna is the Poet Laureate of Miami Township, Ohio as well as The Greater Miami Township Performing Arts Center.

3:10 Lillian E. and Lawrence J. Mitchum

[sample poem]

Lillian E.Mitchum aka Red the Poet, Pulished two books: Bold from the Soul Spiritual Healing and Where is the Love?

Lillian says: "I am a struggling young poet and writer trying to find a way to express my self and world events around me through my poetry. Its my gift that I want to develop and share with the world. She will be appearing for the fest with her son Lawrence.

Latorial Faison3:20 Latorial Faison

[sample poem]

Latorial Faison is a poet, author and college educator from VA currently living in N. Chicago. Her poetry has been featured nationally and internationally in print, online and on radio. Faison takes on many social issues in her poetry and has written books: Secrets of My Soul and Immaculate Perceptions.

She is the founding editor of

Kristin Wegner3:30 Kristin Wegner

[sample poem]

Kristin Wegner has been writing poetry since before she knew what it
was. Once she found out, she joined the Arlington Poetry Project and has been reading with them for 10 years. With their encouragment, she pursued and earned a Masters degree in Creative Writing, and she will get a new book out eventually, she swears.

Mary Blinn3:40 Mary Blinn

[sample poem]

Mary Blinn is an interdisciplinary artist who presents her poems in various media.

Her work appears regularly in After Hours magazine, and has been exhibited at the Visible Verse Festival, Schopf Gallery, Improv Kitchen and Oak Park Art League.

Whitney Scott3:50 Whitney Scott

[sample poem]

Whitney Scott is the founder of the Tallgrass Writers Guild and the Publisher of Outrider Press. Whitney Scott was recently accepted into Society of Midland Authors.

Her Outrider Press anthology series just celebrated its tenth anniversary. As they enter their 11th year, Outrider is delighted to announce as judge of its contest the Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Olen Butler.

Lee Groban4:00

Lee Groban was the main character in the longest movie every made, The Cure For Insomnia (85 hrs) and appeared in the Guiness Book of World Records because of it.

He is also the author of the longest poem in the English language.

Groban has also performed widely, including at Surf Reality and Bowery Poets Club in New York.

Ed Layer4:10 Ed Layer

[sample poem]

Ed Layer is the current leader of the Arlington Poetry Project, an organization that has been bringing the word to the 'burbs for 13 years. He is currently at work on his second anthology, Sacred Clowns. His first is called Whirpool Glances.

He appeared for the Chicago Poetry Showcase at the 2004 Printers Row Book Fair.

Pamela Miller4:20 Pamela Miller

[sample poem]

Pamela Miller was the winner of the 2004 Frieda Stein Fenster Memorial Award for poetry. She is the author of the books Mysterious Coleslaw and Recipe For Disaster.

Her work has recently appeared in After Hours, Ink & Ashes and Rambunctious Review.

C. J. Laity4:30 C. J. Laity

An encore performance by C. J. Laity, the Publisher of

He is the author of the chapbook License to Quill.

He recently hosted poetry events that headlined both the Chicago Blues Festival and the Printers Row Book Fair.

Jan Bottiglieri4:40 Jan Bottiglieri

[sample poem]

Jan Bottiglieri is the author of the book A Place Beyond Luck (Moon Journal Press).

She is also an associate editor with Rhino, graphic editor for Moon Journal Press.

Jan is also a member of the Arlington Poetry Project.

4:50 Bonnie T. Summers

[sample poem]

Bonnie T. Summers poem Scissor Happy appears in the online anthology. Bonnie Summers lives and works in the western suburbs of Chicago. She received a grant from the Money for Women/Barbara Deming Memorial Fund, Inc. in 2004 for her non-fiction project. Her poetry has appeared in After Hours, Moon Journal, online at, and, most recently, Door County’s Peninsula Pulse Arts & Literature newspaper.

Larry O. Dean5:00 Larry O. Dean

[sample poem

Larry O. Dean, author of I Am Spam (Fractal Edge Press, 2004), is also a singer-songwriter, journalist, and educator.

Dean has appeared in many events, including The Chicago Poetry Showcase at the 2005 Printers Row Book Fair. He is available for further scrutiny at

Nissa Holtkamp5:10 Nissa Holtkamp

[sample poem]

Nissa Holtkamp holds a degree in English from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. She reads at local open mics, such as Inner Town, the Funky Buddha Lounge, Phyllis' Musical Inn, Myopic Books, and the Green Mill. She has been published in Agnieszka's Dowry, and Wicked Alice. She was Curator's Choice for poetry in the 2003 Around the Coyote arts festival. Nissa Holtkamp recently read for the Chicago Poetry Explosion at Beat Kitchen.

Ruan Wright5:20 Ruan Wright

[sample poem]

Ruan Wright was born and raised in England. She's lived in the States since 1996 with her husband, two children, two cats, one Guinea Pig, one Mali Uromastyx, and lots of trees. Her most recent publications are in 'Pennine Ink' (UK), and 'Windhover' (US).

Charlie Rossiter5:30 Charlie Rossiter

[sample poem]

Charlie Rossiter is the editor of

He is the co-author of the book of poetry, Back Beat, and it one half of the poetry group AvantRetro.

Rossiter recently appeared for's presentation at the 22nd annual Chicago Blues Festival.

Lynn Fitzgerald5:40 Lynn Fitzgerald

[sample poem]

Chicago native, teacher, published poet and photographer, recipient of the CAAP Award, the Hirschfeld Award, Carnegie-Mellon Foundation Award, the National Endowment for the Humanities Grant, Oppenheimer Grant.

Thomas Roby5:50 Thomas and Lem Roby in "The Sounds of Poems"

[sample poem]

Tom Roby has published and performed his poetry in a variety of venues in Chicago, joining in “The Sounds of Poems” with his guitar-synth son, Lem.

Tom is also the President of the Poets’ Club of Chicago. His poems were staged by Smoke and Mirror Productions at the Loop Theater in 2004.

Emily Calvo6:00 Emily Calvo

[sample poem]

Emily Calvo was recently interviewed for an article in Third Coast Press and appeared for the Beat Kitchen during the Guild Complex's Chicago Poetry Explosion. She was also a poet-in-residence at the Young Women’s Leadership Charter School in Chicago for three years. She Her own poetry has been published in the Oyez Review (Roosevelt University Press) and Colere (Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA). In 1999 and 2003, she was the marketing/public relations director for the National Poetry Slam Championship in Chicago. A full-time, freelance writer and published author, Calvo's books include How to Succeed in Advertising When All You Have Is Talent (NTC Publishing, 1994) and 25 Words or Less... How to Write Like a Pro to Find That Special Someone Through Personal Ads (NTC/Contemporary Books, 1998) and several humor books.

Donna Pecore6:10 Donna Pecore

[sample poem]

Donna Pecore has been published at a site called Poetry Victims. She has regularly read her poetry at Weeds.

She is the author of two chapbooks: "Feelings Found in the Lost and Found" and "Lost in the Woods of My Heart".

Kim Berez6:20 Kim Berez

[sample poem]

Kim Berez is the editor of StarWallpaper, an annual anthology of poetry by Chicago's young poets.

She has been active in Chicago's poetry scene for two decades.

Her poetry was adapted for the stage by Steppenwolf Theater's presentation of Words on Fire.

gordon cc liao6:30 gordon cc liao

[sample poem]

gordon cc liao is a proud asian-pacific american poet. liao is also a playwright, spoken word artist, some-time singer-songwriter and actor.

He recently appeared in's presentation at The Printers Row Book Fair.

6:40 Yvonne Orr-Richardson

[sample poem]

Yvonne Orr-RichardsonYvonne Malaika Orr-Richardson is an actor, dancer and writer who has been in the performing arts for over 20 years. She has taught for After School Matters' Words 37 program, and conducted choreography for various theater companies. Yvonne is an avid poet-enthusiast having performed for the Guild Complex, The Moyenda Group, the Chicago Park District, Expo for Today’s Black Woman, Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Poetry.

She first honed her acting and theatrical skills starting out on Broadway in Porgy & Bess. Yvonne loves the arts and has performed throughout the Chicagoland area, New York, the Bahamas and in Ghana, West Africa. She has been in film, on television and has served as a panelist for numerous conferences and is currently working on her first collection of poetry and prose, "Malaika's Soul".

Joe Roarty6:50 Joe Roarty

Joe Roarty is a performance poet who has been reading as a featured poet and in the open mic. circuit for many years.

He recently was featured at DvA Gallery.

David Hernandez7:00 David Hernandez

[sample poem]

David Hernandez is a pioneer in Chicago's performance poetry scene. He has been reciting poetry with his band Street Sounds for over thirty years.

His most recent book is called The Urban Poems (Fractal Edge Press).

Tasha Jones, aka Mocha7:10 Tasha Jones, AKA Mocha

[sample poem]

Tasha Jones, aka Mocha is a spoken word artist. She is the Emcee of the Neo Soul Cafe in Joliet.

She is also a cast member of the hit plays "Verbal Balance" and "Verbal Balance II......The Show Must Go On......"

7:20 Erika Mikkalo

[sample poem]

Erika Mikkalo lives and works in Chicago. Her writing has received the Tobias Wolff Award for short fiction and has appeared or is forthcoming in Nimrod, The
Beloit Poetry Journal, The Hawaii Review, The Massachusetts Review, The Spoon River Poetry Review, The Notre Dame Review, The 2nd Hand, Exquisite Corpse
and other publications. She currently appears as a comedian with 'Operation Meltdown' and is participating in a production of John Cage's Musicircus' September 25 at the MCA.

More information will be posted on this page as it develops.

C. J. LaityFor more info. contact C. J. Laity, event organizer and host, at Bring your lawn chairs, picnic baskets, refreshments, bottled water to both events. If it looks like rain, bring your umbrellas or plastic bags, as the show will go on one way or the other.

Information about book sales for either event will be announced soon.

The 2005 Chicago Poetry Fest Anthology will be available at this event. It features work by ALL the featured poets in the festival.

CLICK HERE to make a financial gift to the 2005 Chicago Poetry Fest.

**We hope you found the information on this page useful. needs your help. We are holding a fundraising drive in order to stay online. There are two ways that you can help: Click here to offer a financial gift or click here to order the new book by Press.

Note: On the last weekend of August over 60 poets will gather to celebrate the art of poetry in all its forms. This year there will be two gigantic outdoor events, a return to Lincoln Square, and a total invasion of West Bucktown. Come and check out what the Chicago Sun Times has called "Chicago's Largest Poetry Reading." Here is the exciting line up for the 2005 Chicago Poetry Fest, sponsored by, Blue Line Studios, The Lincoln Square Chamber of Commerce and Alderman Manny Flores. This page now includes poetry samples from the upcoming 2005 Chicago Poetry Fest Anthology, which will be available in hard-copy at the fest.

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