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AS THIS SECTION GROWS, PLEASE NOTE: The following is a collection of LINKS to poetry videos. When I say LINKS I specifically mean when you click on them you are being sent to the poetry video stored on someone else's website. The website that owns the poetry video will appear in the address field of your Real Player as the video plays. These are not videos has produced and we claim no copyright to them. However, I've selected these particular video links to be part of this site because I believe they will be of particular interest to Chicagoans. Once again, this is only a collection of LINKS. You will need a Real Player and a pretty good connection speed to enjoy them.

Now, with all that disclaimer out of the way, let's jam . . .

Charles Bernstein

Ted Kooser

Galway Kinnell

Thomas Lynch

Robert Creeley


Robert Pinksy

Sam Hamill

State Library Named In Honor Of Gwen Brooks

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For more poetry videos go to our homepage and click on Chicago Poetry TV.


The following are some links to videos that don't neccessarily contain poetry but that which poets might find interesting.

The Radiatos (30 min)

Spoken word with Neal Young

Lou Reed's Songs For Drella

Boxxx (30min.)

Metropolis (2 hrs.)

Seven Samurai (3hr.30min) Rated PG

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